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>I've spent a lot of time in LA on business in recent years.  It's amazing
>how much snow can be found close to LA.  It is about one hrs. drive on the
>Angeles Crest Hwy. from the western end near Pasadena to 11K ft.  I've
>driven that road many times, most recently last Oct. when a big early snow
>closed it just east of the Nat'l forest HQ.  The road is a real white
>knuckler for the first 10 miles from it's start on I-210 and the mountains
>are extraordinarily rugged, far more so than most of the Rocky Mtns.
>These are the San Gabriel Mtns.

Anyone interested in learning more about the amazing geology of that whole
area would be well advised to pick up a copy of John McPhee's 'The Control
of Nature.'  There's a piece in it called "Los Angeles vs. The
Mountains."  Fascinating stuff, as are the other two articles in the book.

IMO, this is probably McPhee's best work - and that's really saying something.

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