Marc Guido wrote:

>Woo-hoo! It's amazing what 18" of new snow on top of a 182-inch base in
>mid-May will do for one's attitude. I suspect that Mr. Chrusch will agree.
>Over 13,000 verts of May powder in the a.m., back at work in the p.m. -
>gawd, I love living here.

A Thursday morning, on May 12, with a foot and a half of new powder, and
heavy clouds keeping the evril intense spring sun at bay thus maintaining -
at least for several runs - fairly light 10%-ish snow. Explain again what's
not to love? Sure, not February's 4% blower, but in mid-May, no one was
complaining about the quality of the knee-deep powder. (Although dropping
the 4' cornice entry into Jaws (which constitutes big air for me) and
landing on a chunk of unseen frozen avi debris the size and shape of a
beach-ball was a bit disconcerting; fortunately hung on and managed to
avoid exploding on contact - falling anywhere in Jaws is usually not such a
hot idea.)

Yeah, living here does not suck.


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