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> Btw Mig - a belated awesome Mt Bohemia writeup!

Glad you got around to reading it, it is kinda long.  I often roll
my eyes when I see the lengthy tomes that people crank out on all
kinds of subjects, then I go and write the longest trip report
ever :-)

> I was interested to learn that women usually ski for free there.
> Sounds like a great place to take a date....

I believe the women ski free offer has been in place for two years.
But I don't think there are that many takers.  Besides no beginner
terrain, the base lodge, or lack thereof, really is a turnoff.  Even
a primitive base lodge, like at Burke Mt., is way better than a bunch
of tents.

I don't know if you noticed, but I did capture a shapely Mt. Bohemia
skier heading for the restroom tent:

But this is not your typical Bohemia babe.  She's a friend of the
owner who was there filming some sort of a promotional film.


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