Roger wrote:
> >
> >You can buy diy misting systems here for your patio
> >-marc
>Which is such a wonderful thing to do in a desert state where they are
>still trying to build more dams.

This falls under the "choosing your battles" segment of today's show.
Regarding water usage, I'm much more concerned about the abuse of the
sprinkler systems and the goal of keeping plots of land ultra-lush and
green. For example, there's a wealthy home owner in the valley who owns
several horses and lots of land - and maintains it like a Kentucky park.
Last year he used over 7M gallons of water keeping it green. That was in
year 6 of a six year drought. I think that a bit more egregious than the
home misting systems that are only used a few hours a few times a week.

Marc Guido wrote:
 >I can't imagine that those atomizers use much more than a toilet flush over
 >a 60-minute period. And trust me, we've got all the water we need right
 >now...and then some.

Home Depot sells a typical system that contains 6 nozzles, which are
usually spaced at 24" intervals when installed. Each nozzle is 1 gph at
maximum flow.

As far as having all the water we need, we'll see. At minimum, 5 more
consecutive water years just like this one are needed in order to return
all watersheds and reservoirs to normal levels. We won't know till next
year or the year after whether the drought has indeed broken or if this
year was an anomaly. Had we not had the wetter and cooler than normal fall
and spring this year and continued like the past 6 years, we would
definitely have some kind of water rationing / restrictions in the valley
this summer. Although Lake Powell is up 12 feet in the past 20 days, that
makes it only 132 feet down from normal.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.


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