Jduggan wrote'
"Also - "Vermont", or its image, has this incredible cachet out here.
12 years or so ago I recall reading a quote from the LA Times where
someone of some repute from down there basically said that everyone
from California wishes that CA was Vermont, except that it's too
crowded, expensive and traffic-filled (he did forget "the weather")."

You know those bumperstickers that say "Don't New Jersey Vermont"? When I
was in Tahoe last year, I saw one that said, "Don't Vermont My Tahoe." So
much for cachet in Norcal. You can't swing a dead cat in Truckee without
hitting ten Vermonters. Seems they bring their misplaced values out to
Cali and offend the true liberals. Or some such parc as this. Why is it
that the outsiders-ruined-our-home argument is so pervasive no matter
where you go?


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