How does he obtain this water?  Is it through a municipal system or his own wells and pumping situation?  Is he drawing it from a local stream or pond or lake that has impact on others along the shore line?  If this poses a problem for the general population it would appear he has some strong political clout as well as money.  When folks in the East run into a drought situation the local governing authorities impose bans on water usage although they may be hard to monitor and control. I should think his situation would be rather obvious.   Jimski

Marc Chrusch <[log in to unmask]> wrote: Regarding water usage, I'm much more concerned about the abuse of the
sprinkler systems and the goal of keeping plots of land ultra-lush and
green. For example, there's a wealthy home owner in the valley who owns
several horses and lots of land - and maintains it like a Kentucky park.
Last year he used over 7M gallons of water keeping it green.

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