Skip King wrote:

> Anyone interested in learning more about the amazing geology of that whole
> area would be well advised to pick up a copy of John McPhee's 'The Control
> of Nature.'  There's a piece in it called "Los Angeles vs. The
> Mountains."  Fascinating stuff, as are the other two articles in the book.
> IMO, this is probably McPhee's best work - and that's really saying
> something.

Hear hear. I'll just quote everything Skip just said so I can repeat it.
It's a terrific book. I've read most of McPhee's books, and this is one
that I keep remembering years after reading it. It's fascinating,
geological page-turner. Really.

I've forgotten the names of the other two essays, so I'll just call them
"Iceland vs. The Volcano" and "The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers vs. The
Mississippi." Great stuff. No ski content, except two of them deal with
mountains, and people have been known to ski in mountains.

Dave G.

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