Since we have a bunch of people here very familiar with Mt Washington, I
figured I'd ask.  Starting from the summit, where all the buildings are,
where is the easiest / best place to go to get a good view / picture of
the parking areas?  Like I said, an odd request.  Next month, we are
having our 3rd annual MINI event in the area.  The end of it is having
200 MINIs drive up the auto road for sunset.  The auto road capped that
portion of the event to 200 cars because that's all they have room for
at the top.  In the past, the pictures of the parked cars have come from
the stairs leading from the parking lot to the summit buildings.  Is
there a short hike one could take to get a better, or at least different

Driving back down the auto road after sunset is a strange experience.
It's scary because you cannot see what out there, but that also makes it
a little less scary too.  At least we have the road to ourselves, so
there's no oncoming traffic to worry about.

Jason - " redraobwons"

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