A pointless trip report, as anyone who reads it knows the score.
Like  John Bonin wrote:

> Nothing beats KMart at this time of year.  No one there except the
> kernel of
> humanity that lives for the bumps.

Yup, they were all there Friday, too. Saw many of the same faces --
or caricatures thereof -- that I've been seeing for years. Johnny
Bumpman, Sally Bumpergirl. Muscle Guy with Perfect Tan and Perfect
Wifeybabe, Hawaiian Shirt Guy, Cindy Ponytail and her  "you standing
in my line, cell phone guy!" entourage. Young Studs skiing like Toby
Dawson for 200 feet, stopping to BS with their boys, repeating until

I got there late, left early, still managed to pound out 8 runs.
Started off sloppy on BitterLark or SkyelSweet or whatever the
McTrails are over skiers right, by my fourth run down Superstar I was
able to put together a top2bottom nonstopper down the left hand side
and under the lift (take that, Johnny B.), ended with some loopy
turns down the longest route I could find.

What surprised me was the mass of humanity -- had to be 75-100
vehicles and double that in people -- and the extent and quality of
the snow. There were almost three different ways to the bottom,
excluding the hike-to terrain described elsewhere in this forum.

A fine way to end the season: promised my Darling Disney Mom and
angelic child that I would hang up the skis this week. Seventy two
"days" is enough for any working stiff.  Although with Organgrinder
and Ripcord 30 minutes away, and a Jeep TJ in the garage... one never

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