On May 12, 2005, at 4:43 PM, John Crowley, Jr. wrote:

> I have some observations/comments about all this SoCal talk.

> (and I regularly ride over the Golden Gate into the Marin Headlands or
> onto Mt. Tam and
> hardly see another ride, if it's a weeknight or on a winter's evening).

-- Ah, Mt. Tam... What a place that is.  Took an easy hike with my
sister to West Point Lodge and was blown away by the views of San
What is amazing about Mt. Tam is it is so close to the city, yet so
far.   The hiking/mtn biking opportunities there are amazing.
Certainly less challenging than anything in Vermont from a ruggedness
point of view (I thought).  But at this point in my life it sure looked
good to me.

I have to laugh about the California girl comments... because I AM a
California girl (northern).  But I passed the "babe" days a long time
ago and joined the ranks of those other women mentioned after the kids

        I'm not a native Vermonter (see above) and if it weren't so impossibly
expensive to live in California, that's where I'd be right now
(northern CA).
We're happy with the decision to retire to Vermont.  There are many
many far worse places to be.   Meantime I can go visit my sister in
Marin.   Now that's an  impossibly expensive county in an expensive
state when it comes to real estate.  Lucky for her,  she's been there


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