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> But Jim, aren't there rules prohibiting registration of new diesel autos
> in Vermont? I have a friend with diesel Jetta that gets similar mileage to
> your deceased Audi, but he was forced to register it in Maine because
> despite better mileage, such diesels are overall more polluting (and
> therefore not allowed).

Doesn't that have something to do with sulfur levels in the diesel fuel?
  I believe when US diesel improves to the levels of European diesel,
these restrictions will go away.

I believe it's sulfur and particulate emissions, but don't quote me. :)

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Last April, we spent a week skiing in the Western Alps.  We rented a diesel
Jetta in Milan, drive it to Courmayeur, down to La Thuile, through the
tunnel to Chamomix, around the Mt. Blanc valley, and back to Milan.  Since
we were in the mountains, I got a pretty good sense of the car's pickup, and
it had more than I ever need.

When we filled up at the airport in Milan, we had used...less than 1/2 of a


My guess is that we were getting over 50 mpg.

Would I rather have this car than the hybrid Highlander (we are a big
family, and the Prius will not hold us) we have on order?  Absolutely!

David Merfeld

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