> Lets see if you say that after 10 years of living with the
> politics of that place.
> (Grumble grumble whydidieverleave)

Mr. Chrusch, who's somewhat liberal in his views, put it best IMO: "Only
sweat the big stuff. You've got to let the little stuff roll off your back."
If you let every little idiosyncrasy get to you you'll go insane.

As I conservative, I perhaps have an easier time adjusting than a
dyed-in-the-wool liberal would. It's the screwy laws that drive me batty.
"What do you mean I can't buy wine after 7pm on Saturday? How far is
Evanston, anyway?"

I was sitting in a bar^h^h^h "private club" the other night and for the
first time noticed the label "Flavoring" on liquers behind the bar.
Apparently that labeling is required due to the 1-oz. drink rule. Just the
latest peculiarity.

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