At 02:54 PM 5/17/2005, you wrote:
>I'd be surprised if that growth came from anything but the increased
>traffic at North.  The North-only pass and new gladed terrain resulted in
>visibly increased usage over there.  Hardy Merrill has apparently parlayed
>this success into control of mountain ops for the combined resort.  Best
>of luck to him.  With the skier services building hopefully getting
>completed this summer, and a new condo facility and base lodge coming the
>year after, he should have the wind at his back.

Ummm... let's not get too excited here.  14% year-over-year means little in
this biz.  That still places Sugarbush WAY below its peak in visits...  and
IIRC, Sugarbush had a positively wretched either last year (or the year
before - can't remember which).

I'm not saying that a 14% increase isn't good, nor am I saying that I want
other than rockin' $ucce$$ for Sugarbush (which is my favorite of the major
Vermont areas).  Just remember:  there are lies, damned lies and statistics.

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