... Mt. St. Helens blew its top.

A couple weeks later I was on a plane headed west to my first Ski Team
camp and the pilot told us to look out the window on the right side of
the plane.  We could see the dirty air - smoke/ash/plume/ground fires
(perhaps all of that??) contributing to the spewing smoke into the
air.  It was clearly visible from wherever we were at that point
(between a Chicago connection and our Reno destination) and he told us
that air routes were taking different paths for a while.  Something I
never forgot.

A few summers ago, some 22 years later, after more than a few trips to
Oregon to ski, I finally got to St. Helens, and this time on a
mountain bike riding a place called Ape Canyon.  A fun ride through
varied flora, fauna and terrain.  Especially at the top, where the
landscape was fascinating - like being on the moon, I would suppose.

Anyone skied up there?

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