Hi!  I am one of the reference librarians at Denver Medical Library at Presbyterian St Luke's Medical Center in Denver, Colorado.  My email address is [log in to unmask] or [log in to unmask]  I think this is a great idea.  Have a good holiday.

Sharon Martin
Denver Medical Library
303-863-8112 fax
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Subject: CHAT: HCA Librarians, please only

Hello all! Happy Friday!

I've been trying to create a way for all of us HCA Librarians to
communicate directly with each other, and have been working with my IS
department to set up a corporate email list for us to be able to contact
each other, but it hasn't taken off yet. I would like to gather a list
of as many of us as possible and present it to my IS person to use as a
starting point, since I've been told that corporate IS doesn't have a
way of knowing who we all are. 

Would you HCA people please email me directly, off-list, and let me know
who and where you are so I can move forward with this project?

It would be terrific for us to be able to bounce things off each other
and use our combined voices to advance library interests within the
corporation as a whole.  

Thanks everyone!

Mimi Guessferd
Medical Librarian/CME Coordinator
Parkland Medical Center
One Parkland Drive
Derry NH 03038-2750
telephone: 603-421-2318
fax: 603-421-2060