We have run OS/2 within a virtual PC for some years now on our organic instruments. This is the Connectix system which was later taken over by Microsoft. You need a minimum processor speed of 1GHz (otherwise it is too slow) and a motherboard with an ISA socket.
It works very well.

I would appreciate a copy of the .PDF file.

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For those IRMS users who are under the yoke of OS/2, we have written a
successful procedure to allow users of Optima/PrismIII/Isoprime IRMS
systems to run their control software on a modern Windows XP PC, and
running OS/2 Warp 3 within a virtual PC.

The benefits are:

-You can use new PC hardware that OS/2 Warp 3 will refuse to install on
-OS/2 in a VM runs faster than on old 386/486 PCs
-you can quickly backup your entire Optima/Prism/Isoprime OS/2 virtual
machine under Windows XP to DVDRW
-LIMS for Light Isotopes can also run on the Optima host PC,
facilitating data management and transfer
-You can use Remote Desktop to check on Autoruns from home (...but only
after the Sopranos)
-XP security and connectivity (as required in some corporate/gov't
-it works! We are running samples using this setup

The procedure is clearly outlined in the document, along with detailed
screenshots. You can try it out on your OS/2 controlled IRMS in less
than an hour by using a Windows XP PC you may already own, and by
downloading a 30-day trial demo of the Microsoft or Serenity virtual
machines. Thus, total out of pocket cost can be from zero to less than
$200USD, if you decide go with it.

Unfortunately, we don't have a website available at this time to post
the 27 page PDF document (~1M). But we will be happy to email you the
PDF upon request.

We'd like to hear from users if this works for them, or not.

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