For a few years now we have been using Labco's 6mL round bottomed vials
with excellent results for carbonates. They are on their site under "Gas &
Liquid Testing". Also, they are supplied with white caps but we have found
from experience that the blue caps are more reliable and are worth the
extra expense.



Dr. Neil Ogle
The Queen's University of Belfast
School of Civil Engineering
Northern Ireland

On Jun 22 2005, Clemente Recio wrote:

> Hi!
> While on the subject of carbonate analysis by GVI's Multiflow/Multiprep,
> can you suggest a suitable conical-shaped vial?
> Our Multiflow uses a Gilson 222 autosampler. Original vials for the
> heated block were Labco's 54x12.5 mm x 3.7 ml Exetainers, but these are
> flat-bottomed.
> I cannot find an equivalent conical/rounded/v-shaped vial at Labco's web
> page, or for that matter at any other manufacturer's web page (and we have
> attempted a few!). Where do you get your vials?
> Has anybody tested the posibility of using a conical insert in a flat
> Exetainer?
> Cheers,
> Clemente