Hi Sean--

Any success???

Game port trigger doesn't work.  Annoying.  We have a Isodat 2.0 with a
Trace GC and PAL (A200S emulation) autosampler.  Manual runs have to be
done with "start by 'enter key'".  However, works fine for autosampling,
but the trigger is in the InjectNextSample routine--the _SamplerInject
command waits for the inject signal from the Com port, not the game
port, and then the software continues.  When it gets to the
WaitForStartSignal, and goes to WaitForGamePortTrigger, the command
_CheckGamePort command will always be true, so it blows by  that and
starts the acquisition.  The same holds true for generic GC's without
autosampler.  You can even change the game port settings, or even unplug
the gameport connection--no effect.

If you go to configurator, you'll see that the GC's are not setup with
Gameport communications.  You can add the gameport  to your device and
set it up to be monitored during acquistion--to no effect.  Hence,
"enter key" needed for manual runs.

If you're using the Agilent GC definition in the configurator, how is it
set up?  I noticed the "properties" (not edit) for the 6890 had a check
off box for "Use GC ready from AS".  Have you played with that?  I take
it you've tried the Agilent 7673 autosampler definition with your newer

Sorry I don't have better news.  Good luck


p.s. yes, we have the "null modem" in our gameport line too.

pps website up:

Sean Sylva wrote:

>Dear Isotope community,
>I have recently upgraded both my computer to WinXP and my Isodat software to
>version 2.0 and I am having some communications problems.
>Is anyone currently using a Deltaplus XL with an Agilent GC and having
>success communicating between the GC and  Isodat 2.0? If you are having
>success, would you mind telling me how you did it?
>I am able to talk to the MS easily. My problem is I can't get isodat to
>recognize and wait for a GC trigger or Gameport trigger. In certain
>configurations I can get the software to wait but it won't recognize any
>signals. I have tried some suggestions for Gilles St Jean but I thought it
>might be helpful if someone else had the same system and has had success. I
>would love to be able to control the GC and eventually the Agilent 7683
>autosampler but for now I will settle for the wait for GC or gameport
>Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
>Thanks in advance.
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