Hello Tim,
here are some more references:, then "Books/Series", there (...ZEF edits
three book series...) Ecology and Development Series at Cuvillier Verlag,
Göttingen; click this and scroll down to No. 4  (author: Kayuki Crammer
Kaizzi) and 2. (author: Dougbedji Fatondji); both articels in PDF. Sorry,
the direct link is not working or possible.
 I am not sure if it is natural abundance--

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At 15:09 14.06.2005 +0100, you wrote:
>      Can anyone point me to published information on the effect of
>animal/human manure of the NATURAL ABUNDANCE 15N/14N ratio of crop plants?
>In particular, comparisons of 15N/14N of manured versus non-manured plants
>grown in otherwise identical conditions would be very useful.  Thanks.
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