Hi everyone,

With the help of a few people from the list, I got a hold on the two
requested articles.

H. Demmelmair and H.-L. Schmidt, Precise 13C-determination in the range
of natural abundance on amino acids from protein hydrolysates by gas
chromatography–isotope ratio mass spectrometry. Isot. Environ. Health
Stud. 29 (1993), pp. 237–250.

K. E. Yarasheski, K. Smith, M. J. Rennie and D. M. Bier, Measurement of
muscle protein fractional synthetic rate by capillary gas
chromatography/combustion isotope ratio mass spectrometry. Biol. Mass
Spectrom. 21 (1992), pp. 486–490

I`ll be happy to share of hard copy of Demmelmair/Schmidt and a PDF copy
of Yarasheski et al. to anyone interested.

Thanks again

Alexandre Myre
Research officer, Animal Science Department, Univeristy Laval