Manure effect on plant 15NDear Tim,

I can suggest a couple of papers,

Yoneyama T. et al. (1990) Variation of natural 15N abundance of crops and soils in Japan with special reference to the effect of soil conditions and fertiliser applications, Soil Sci. Plant Nutr. 36 (4) 667-675

Choi W et al. (2002) Natural 15N abundances of maize and soil amended with urea and composted pig manure, Plant and Soil 245, 223-232

All the best,
Alison Bateman.

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  Can anyone point me to published information on the effect of animal/human manure of the NATURAL ABUNDANCE 15N/14N ratio of crop plants?

  In particular, comparisons of 15N/14N of manured versus non-manured plants grown in otherwise identical conditions would be very useful.


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