An analysis from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists at

analyzes a recent report from Exxon Mobil, available at

and finds that behind the bravado, a serious supply problem is
emerging.  (Not this year, but over the next 5-10.)

I recommend reading the article by Cavallo first, then you can pierce the
corporate fog in the "2004 Energy Outlook Presentation" (pdf) more
quickly.  The pdf contains only the lovely graphics;  there is explanatory
prose on that page of the web site, but the graphics there aren't as clean.

As far as content goes, I could rave for hours, but I'll just mention three
points that are interesting but not directly related to Cavallo's thesis:

1) The E-M future is a climate change nightmare (surprise!) with
dramatically increased electric generation dominated by coal.

2)  Chart 13 is for those of us who think the "hydrogen economy" is a scam
to distract effort away from real efficiency work:  it shows that a
theoretical, optimized, future, currently unavailable hydrogen car has
about the same climate change impact and operating cost as a Prius you can
order today!  (There is a waiting list, I understand.)

3)  The next-to-last chart shows the depth of E-M and their partner's
commitment to efficiency.  They are proud to have given Stanford $225
million.  But that's from four companies with multi-billion dollar budgets
over ten years!   $5.5 million per company per year! Chump change.

Well, enjoy or discard or weep, as you wish.

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