For those who don't know of this author, he's a much respected
Cornell prof (and I believe a brother of the late great Geo Pimentel).


Environment, Development and Sustainability
ISSN: 1387-585X (Paper) 1573-2975 (Online)
Issue:  Volume 7, Number 2
Date:  June 2005
Pages: 229 - 252
Environmental and Economic Costs of the Application of Pesticides
Primarily in the United States

David Pimentel

         An obvious need for an updated and comprehensive study
prompted this investigation of the complex of environmental costs
resulting from the nation's dependence on pesticides.
  Included in this assessment of an estimated $10 billion in environmental
and societal damages are analyses of:
pesticide impacts on public health;
livestock and livestock product losses;
increased control expenses resulting from pesticide-related destruction of
natural enemies and from the
development of pesticide resistance in pests;
crop pollination problems and honeybee losses;
crop and crop product losses;
bird, fish, and other wildlife losses;  and
governmental expenditures to reduce the environmental and social costs of
the recommended application of pesticides.
The major economic and environmental losses due to the application of
pesticides in the USA were:
public health, $1.1 billion year;
pesticide resistance in pests, $1.5 billion;
crop losses caused by pesticides, $1.4 billion;
bird losses due to pesticides, $2.2 billion;
and groundwater contamination, $2.0 billion.