There is absolutely no connection between the SftP list and the No Spray list. I do not have access to the SftP list and have not addd SftP members as such to it.


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Hi Mitchel and all --

I have NEVER asked to be on the NoSpray list.  If I received all of
these NoSpray emails and unsubscribes on the Science-for-the-People
listserv, it is either (a) because some person -- who could that be? --
added me to their NoSpray list without my consent, or (b) because
someone on both lists has merged them.

This list-serv has seen annoyed discussions in the past when subscribers
interpreted its members' interests as being overly identical with their
own.  Please ensure that the SFTP listserv is and remains un-nested and
un-intertwined in any other way with No Spray.

Thanks, and let's very much hope that's an end to this overlap!


Mitchel Cohen wrote:

>Hi Claudia and all --
>Yes, the program running the NoSpray newsletter list went bonkers -- a contradiction in the settings -- and many people were understandably pissed about getting repeated messages which were sent to the administrator but which automatically went out to everyone, infuriating even more people esponentially.
>The long and short of it is the Mailman program locked us out (shades of the Terminator!) and ran wild on its own, and we werre unable to change the settings or stop the machine. it took around 24 hours before we entered the server and program through a backdoor (or so I am told) and took down the whole list and unplugged the program.
>This had no effect on the SftP list directly because we do not nest other listserves within our list. I send to SftP separately ....
>But, along with a number of other crazinesses happening at the same time, it's been an exhausting 24 hours.
>Apologies to those on the No Spray newsletter list.
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>Subject: SFTP becomes! Mitchel Cohen, please fix this!
>Dear Science-for-the-People people -
>On the same day SFTP member Mitchel Cohen reposted the NY-area NoSpray
>Coalition newsletter to the SFTP list-serv, the Nospray newsletter began
>arriving in both of my emails -- office and home -- to be followed by a
>long, and infinitely annoying series of "unsubscribe", "Get me
>unsubscribe," and "*!#@!! unsubscribe" emails.
>I become unavailable to my students, valued colleagues, even my mother,
>when my mail accounts are overrun by such zealous over-sharing of
>members' personal crusades.
>Given that Mitchel Cohen is a leading participant in NoSpray (see
>excerpted newsletter below), I believe that he is most likely the one
>able to untangle this unwanted list-serv crossover.
>Can you, Mitchel, or anyone else, put an immediate stop to this problem
>that has clearly imposed on dozens of people?
>Is there a way to prevent this kind of intrusive spamming from recurring
>on SFTP?
>Claudia Hemphill
>environmental science program
>University of Idaho
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> >Subject: NoSpray Newz: Pesticides' Lawsuit update, & Forum in Brooklyn
> >Thursday, June 30
> >
> >NoSprayNewz
> >June 28, 2005
> >The newsletter of the NoSpray Coalition.
> >
> >
> >
> >1. Judge Daniels issues favorable ruling on environmental legal issues in
> >NoSpray Coalition lawsuit.
> >
> >2. NoSpray Coalition forum in Brooklyn THURSDAY, June 30, 7:30 pm. Guest
> >speaker, biologist Javiera Rulli from Argentina, and No Spray activist
> >Mitchel Cohen.
> >