Hi Claudia --
Sorry if i overlooked answering you directly. YES, you are off the No Spray list... In fact the techies had to shut down the entire list and remove EVERYONE.

It is probably the case that I added you to the NoSpray list based on our correspondence over the article I wrote on "Big Science," though I'm not sure .... But it is likely. Most of the people on the NoSpray list had asked to be on it, signed contact sheets, etc. Yours may have been one of the exceptions.

In rebuilding the NoSpray list in a few weeks (once we've figured out what went wrong) I will not add ANYONE directly ... I'll send out invitations to join it. ... again . (sigh)

The list was functioning for a number of years as a one-message-a-month one-way newsletter list, until this happened. So I appreciate your frustration.I'm sure you can imagine mine as well (500 Unsubscribe Me messages later.)

Again, I apologize.


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Of course George is Right (oops, sorry, make that "right" Heh.) --
Mitchel is a nice person, a mensch.  That's why I've corresponded with
Mitchel off-list once, to obtain an essay he'd offered that looked quite
interesting to me.

Discovering my SFTP membership meant my being unwillingly added to other
lists, however -- that is not so nice.

Mitchel Cohen wrote:

>... There is no involvement or connection between the SftP list and the No Spray list; it's just that there are some people who happen to be listed on both lists, as is often the case in our progressive, environmental and radical circles.
Well, I'm not one of those people who asked to be on both lists.  I have
never subscribed to the Nospray list.  It has been clear from the start
that the only connection, for me, between the SFTP list and the NoSpray
list is ... my correspondence and mutual SFTP list membership shared
with Mitchel Cohen.   Claudia-->SftP-->Mitchel-->No Spray.   Who closed
that loop?  Not I.

Accident, oversight, or not, I would like this fact -- my unwilling,
unconsenting placement on the No Spray list -- to be corrected.  So far,
I've gotten a long claim of innocence rather than a simple correction of
an error.  Enough exculpatory protests!  Just fix it so we can move on!

Phil & Louis -- Thanks for the marvelous example of our "naturalizing"
our modern dominance politics into human prehistory.

As it happens, I trained originally in environmental anthropology, and
one tedious fact of the field is exactly this reading of "Man the
Hunter," "Evolution of the State," and all those other tedious
industrial imperialist and Cold War era myths into the record.   Keeley
is one of the many male archaeologists who have fetished the study of
"projectiles" and their technology.

For such men, pottery or other technologies they associate with
Woman-the-Kitchen-Servant would never be seen as having much value for
understanding human culture.  And of course, once anthropology defined
culture as "what male informants tell male interviewers," it was indeed
pretty hard for even the less gender-biased anthropologists to see the
pit they'd fallen into and mislabeled as a field of study.

The sexism in archaeology was unbelievably astounding and even now
remains pronounced.  I've always been surprised so few besides Alison
Wylie (just moved from Barnard to UWashington) have taken it on. It is
certainly complicated to explain in all its roots.  Social darwinism,
Aristotelian theories of reproduction, Cartesian dualism, neo-Platonist
and Augustinian insistence on singular cosmic hierarchical order -- the
western theories that come into play are many, and major.  But the
examples of it are everywhere in archaeology, still, despite 2 decades
now of some degree of feminist and postcolonialist reflection.  If I
were teaching anthropology instead of environmental science, I'd assign
it as a paper topic to every class -- it would be so easy for everyone
to come up with rich and interesting data.

Anyway, thanks - other examples of the rejection of science that rattles
our current biases, are still welcome!

Claudia Hemphill
environmental science program
University of Idaho