There is at least one Peregerine at Brousseau Mountain, which isn't far by
Peregrine standards. Also, Merlins have been expanding their range south
into Vermont, and I'm sure there are undiscovered nesting pairs. In fact, a
pair was seen recently in that area, west of Maidstone Lake.


At 11:15 PM 6/13/2005, you wrote:
>While doing a survey at the Franklin County Airport on Sunday, I observed a
>flyover of a falcon-shaped bird that was definitely too large and too dark
>to be
>a Kestrel.  Since my experience with Peregrines in flight is very limited, I
>don't trust an ID without seeing the sideburns.
>My question is whether anyone knows of  any Peregrine nesting sites in
>County.  (I'm not asking for precise locations, as I know this can be a
>sensitive issue.)  It generally doesn't seem like the right terrain (no
>cliffs that I know of).  And how likely is it that one would just be passing
>through at this time without a nest site nearby?
>Ken Copenhaver