I might be able to help you with information about access and habitat.  I
have been inventorying natural communities at The Narrows for the last two
summers.  The access issue is simple: there is only one place-the parking
area and kiosk.  You have to walk in from there.  The Narrows can be reached
by boat, but the nearest public access is at least a mile north.  The
habitat is fantastically diverse.  There are fields, late successional
hardwood forests, swamps, an extensive marsh, cliffs, etc.  One question I
have is whether cowbirds are a problem for native nesters in and around
those fields, particularly the interior field.  One bird of note: I saw and
heard a singing male golden winged warbler in the fields near the kiosk in
May two years ago.

I will be going back there at least once this summer, and would be happy to
show you around.

Leif Richardson
Nongame and Natural Heritage Program
Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife
5 Perry Street, Suite 40
Barre, VT 05641-4266
(802) 476-0128
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Hello all

I'm doing a survey at the Narrows WMA this year for the state.  I'd like to
hear from anyone who has birded there about birds, habitat, access
etc.  Also, since I live in Brattleboro, I'd really like to get the
email/phone of a local person I can call to check on weather... (can't rely
on at all!!).


Sylvia Harris