A great although muggy day of atlassing in
Pittsfield today with 14 confirmations of
breeding and 10 probable breeders.

The highlight of the day were mourning warblers
singing in three spots with an excellent look at
one of them. Also we had an in-your-face
encounter with a Blackburnian warbler. A
chestnut-sided warbler and a yellow-rumped
warbler were seen carrying food.

A nest hole with young sapsuckers was found as
well as a nest occupied by a wood thrush. Chimney
swifts were seen snapping off twigs and going
down a chimney. Cliff swallows were building
nests under the eaves of a church. A savannah
sparrow was heard along Rte 100.

On a sad note, a dark-eyed junco was seen feeding
a cowbird.

Sue Elliott
Sue Wetmore

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