Perfumed with bug spray 10 observers from Rutland
County Audubon visited the Tinmouth Channel WMA
for the VT Breeding Bird Atlas. 65 species were
observed and 11 confirmations of breeding were

Virginia rail and American bittern were both
heard. A male and female northern harrier were
seen soaring over the area as well as a
red-shouldered hawk. A pair of American kestrels
was observed.

American woodcock were seen and a Wilson's snipe
was heard. Also a black-billed cuckoo was heard
(they must be having a field day with the
caterpillers!). A belted kingfisher was seen
carrying food to its nest as well as
yellow-bellied sapsucker and hairy woodpecker.
Many great crested flycatchers were heard and
seen. Many brown creepers were singing as well as
several veery. A pair of eastern towhees were

Warblers included Nashville, yellow,
chestnut-sided, black-throated blue,
black-throated green, yellow-rumped,
Blackburnian, ovenbird and common yellowthroat.
There were several scarlet tanagers.

This is a great place to visit if you haven't
done so. All sightings reported to eBird!

Sue Elliott

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