Ruth Stewart writes:   My husband theorizes that the
trees that have been defoliated are still producing
sap/food for the leaves and that is what is floating
to the ground.  It's unreal.   What's happening

Here in Leicester, our cars parked under the maples
are covered in sticky stuff too, however, there are no
tent caterpillars in these trees.  It has been
"raining" sap for a month now!

Four Phoebe babies in the barn nest this year;  four
out of five nest boxes have Tree Swallows looking out
the doorways;  Tiger Swallowtails in abundance in the
garden;  pair of Robins still gathering lots of
deadstuff from the blueberry patch - are they late or
just making another fake nest?  Broad-winged Hawk
making daily passes over the house; and two skeins of
Canadas passed overhead yesterday going north, approx.
50 geese in each.

Shelagh Smith near Fern Lake.

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