Jason Ross wrote:
> The closest I come is using a Mountainsmith topload camera bag (not
> backpack) on the Valhalla trip.  I realize that you cannot call
> something "bombproof" with only a week of use, but it didn't give me any
> problems at all, other than the chest harness strap attachments on the
> bottom being a little difficult to attach / detach.  The top two strap
> attachments are nice plastic swivel buckles, the bottom two were of the
> "thread the tab through the slot" variety which were less nice.

I thought about your chest harness setup, which is great for ease of
access.  I could see packing extra accessories in a pack as needed and
keeping the camera in front.  A few things scare me about it, though.
With free heels, I face-plant hard onto my chest with some regularity.
Probably not a problem, as I'd be skiing more carefully with a camera
than without, but still a concern. Also, whacking around through tight
trees, it feels like the camera is more vulnerable on my front than on
my back.

> Do their backpacks have ski attachments?  I seem to remember that they
> didn't.  Or, perhaps they don't have a board carrying attachment, as
> that would have been what I was looking for.  But, like you say, they're
> there at OGE, so you can fondle all you want.

I didn't see any obvious ski attachments.  Not that it couldn't be
rigged.  The jury's still out, they did seem to have a nice layout other
than the ski problem. I like the camera on the top of the Mountainsmith
packs, as opposed to on the bottom where I'd be worried about it
slamming into the ground every time I set my pack down.

> You could also check the Burton factory store to see if they have their
> camera pack in.  Of course, I've never seen this mystery pack in person,
> so it might not really exist.  And I don't know how ski-accepting it
> would be.  But it might be an option.

Yeah, I just saw this one pop up.  I bet I'd have to rig a ski carrier
(seeing as it's Burton ;) ) but it's worth looking at if there's one in


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