Well, Jerm and I will be investigating California Corn next week
(Lassen and Shasta), so I'll update upon my return.  We may have a bit
of rain--Jim Cr. decided not to go.

Regarding Duphphy, last I heard, he was gearing up for the Colorado
corn season, but perhaps with the lack of freezing temps he hasn't
been able to get out as much.

As for my technical attire, today I chose to go with a linen shirt,
linen pants, cotton socks; all Banana Republic (TM).  My indoor
footwear consists of Stegman (TM) wool clogs, outdoor footwear is a
pair of Clarks (TM) Wallabees.  If the temperature gets a bit too cold
or warm, I or a coworker will adjust the AC accordingly.

--Matt K.

On 6/1/05, Scott Braaten <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Great post!  Knowing the way of the Kuluum or whatever the lleh it is, I
> try to take everything TEO says with a grain of salt but jeez did the crew
> give Jim C. a lotta parc.  What's Duffy up to? Anyone heard from Jerm in a
> while?  Marc 1 and 2?  Bueller?   Snowbird and Mammoth on June 4th?
> Colorado and Sierra corn season?  Anymore questions?
> Oh yeah, today it was around 80F outside near smAlbany and I loved
> it...forgot how much fun trail running is.  Oh yeah, I wore the latest in
> high tech fabrics (blue Champion mesh shorts and a Hanes cotton t-shirt).
> I'll be moving to northeastern CT (Woodstock) for the summer on Sunday,
> still pondering an assult on the Rockpile once I get settled but for fear
> of being a whose, I dunno ;)
> -Scott

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