Hi Laura,

Sounds interesting.  Can I send some staff?  Also who will be instructing?
Hope all is well.


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Hi JOBS Staff,

I may have mentioned in passing a few times about a Motivational Interviewing training that is taking place in Vermont in July.  It looks like there will be room if you are interested in attending.  Initially it was intended only for the adult SE staff which is why the notice is late in coming.  The dates are 7/28 & 7/29 all day in Waterbury.  (See attachment for details).

This training will help you work more effectively with youth who are expressing ambivalence about working, expressing resistance, or appear to have low-motivation.  Many of you have mentioned that this is a struggle for you and this training will provide you with the strategies & skills to address such issues.  You also have the unusual opportunity to make this training what you want it to be as Lisa Mistler, M.D. is flexible and an excellent teacher.  Don't miss this tremendous opportunity as she is only available this one time.  Dr. Mistler was trained by William Miller (original author of Motivational Interviewing) himself and he no longer provides trainings.

The training is FREE and well worth your time!  PLEASE let me know if you will be attending as the presenter needs to know as well as I (for coffee/treats etc.).  Also, the limit is 30.

If you want more information on Motivational Interviewing the website is below:

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you!

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