Sorry everybody, that citation was 17 V.S.A. 2650(b).  Asleep at the
keyboard.  Many thanks to Marianne in Windsor for pointing out my mistake.

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Subject: Four Member Selectboards?

Hello everyone,

Sorry to trouble you all, but I have a quick, two part question:

The law requires that every town must have three selectboard members, but a
town may choose to elect "not more than two additional selectmen for terms
of either one or two years each."  24 V.S.A. 2651(b).  The language "not
more than two" implies that a town could chose to have just one additional
selectboard member, which would, of course, result in a four member board.

My question is this: Has any town actually chosen to elect just one
additional selectboard member?  Are there any four member selectboards out

Many thanks.

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