Hello Joan Devine,

Salisbury would dearly love a copy of this as well. Our typewriter doesn't have a working "A"!!!
Mary Anne Sullivan

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>Once you figure out how to copy the form, Vergennes would also like to
>have one.  Wish I could help you but I am clueless!!  Sorry.
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>Subject: Marriage Certificate
> I would be happy to send copies to all who have indicated an interest.
>However, although I was able to create the marriage form, I have not
>been able to figure out how to copy and/or export it.
>It is linked to our data file index of marriages.  Not all the fields in
>the form are in teh index, therefore, I'm guessing the form can be used
>without any links.  If anyone out there has done this or knows how to
>copy just the form, I'd love to know how.  I have tried several things
>and keep getting error messages.
>Annie Gebo
>Asst. Town Clerk

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