I thought the Board was supposed to appoint these positions.  We have
them, but they do nothing.

Cora L. Benoir, CVC

Braintree Town Clerk

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The Selectboards in Richford have not appointed anyone to these
positions since before my time, I've been Clerk for 19 years and before
that was auditor for 7 years, so it has been more that 26 years. During
that time we have not had a need for these positions and wonder if we
could even find willing individuals to fill the positions.

Gary in Richford

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Subject: More Odd Questions

Hello Everyone:

I have a few more odd questions to pose.  Please be kind.

24 V.S.A. 871 requires the selectboard to appoint one or more weigher of
coal and one or more inspectors of lumber shingles, and wood.  We all
know that these offices are relics of a time long passed, but I'm trying
to ascertain whether towns still, in fact, make these appointments.

Do any towns out there appoint a weigher of coal and/or an inspector of
lumber, shingles, and wood?

Has any town had any occasion, in recent memory, to call upon either of
these officers?

Thank you.

Jim Barlow

Staff Attorney

Vermont League of Cities and Towns

89 Main Street, Suite 4

Montpelier, VT 05602

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