I think a state provided program would be great.  It seems like the state checklist will be easy to manage.  Also with the state involved it would be easier for any new clerk to obtain help, especially if each town had their own program and no one for support.  Nancy 
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"The Vital Records Office has been interested in exploring the possibility of providing to town clerks an electronic form for entering and printing the marriage license, and for sending the data to us electronically (to reduce or eliminate the need for paper versions). We haven't spent much time looking into this yet, but hope to research what commercial software is available in the marketplace. It's something we'd like to see happen statewide in the near future.

We're interested in hearing about towns' experiences with the various systems and likes/dislikes. We'll probably talk a little more about this at the MOMs meetings this fall (along with some major changes to birth and death certificates…electronic systems are coming). In the meantime, please feel free to share with us your experiences with electronic forms for marriage licenses. Thanks!"

Rich McCoy

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