thanks for your answer to the letter all of us clerks received on the civil union licenses.  when i wrote my e-mail this morning, i hadn't read any of the e-mails that were written on 7/26.  i am having trouble with receiving e-mails on the days that i don't come into the office.  so when i came in this morning i hadn't received any e-mails from the 26th and there was only one for today when i came in at 7am, so i had no idea you had already answered the question until i asked one of my co-workers if there were any messages from the 26th and she let me read them on her machine.  hopefully i can get this problem solved soon, as i am missing everything that is sent on fridays and also when i have a day off of work.  this is probably more than you wanted to know, but i don't want to look stupid for sending an e-mail asking for assistance from the sec. of states office, when you had already given your  answer. 
thanks again,
joanne slater
sharon town clerk
ps. if anyone has any idea why this would be happening with the e-mails, i am open to any ideas.  i have already called valleynet and they say nothing is wrong at their end.   also, everyone in the office has gone in and checked off the box to make sure that e-mails are kept on the server.....i am not sure what to do next.  i seem to be the only one with this problem in the office.  so any ideas out there would be much appreciated.