Hi, Bill (and the list),

South Burlington is interested in using ILN over IP.  We, too, have
concerns about bandwidth and in-house infrastructure needs.


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        Hello everyone -

        You may know that the Department of Education has been working
to restore the ILN system to some level of functionality in the next
school year using Internet Protocol (IP), but without ATM. We are
interested in and will be working toward a more permanent solution in
order to maintain a statewide videoconferencing network to support
schools. The Department has been successful in securing significant
bandwidth to support the system and has funding to hire a management
team to provide technical support at both the state and local levels,
programmatic support, and to provide advice in configuring the polycom
and your local gateway to the Internet for ILN use. There will be no
additional cost to the school district for any of the above services or
for use of the system, but..... NOTE that SOME local systems may need to
be upgraded/increase bandwidth in order to connect well enough with the
ILN bridge. The costs of such upgrades or bandwidth improvements must be
  by the local district.

        Virtually all of the equipment currently in place will still be
usable in the new system, although some modification of the existing
routers may be required.

        The biggest question for local educators is whether there is
adequate existing local bandwidth to support simultaneous use of ILN
along with Internet use on the part of staff and students.

        So this question is for Technology Coordinator-types: Will you
revive ILN at your local level if it is made available to you as
described above? Please let me know so we can get a general reading of
the level of interest.

        Many thanks -

        Bill Romond, Vermont Department of Education

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