At $100 apiece, I'll take 20 please.  The best I could find on the web
was about $940.  Thanks, Bill!

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A much better one for around 100 is the hp 3700n.  much faster for big


Bill Kimball
Information Technology Director

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Subject: Recommendation for color printer

I know this list is a little quiet, but there must be a few of you

I need a recommendation for a good high quality COLOR printer.

Obviously I realize you get what you pay for, but can anyone tell me if
they have been satisfied with the

HPColor Laserjet 2600n Printer?  It lists for about  400.00...  I need
for an entire office, 25 -30 people, and able to do some big jobs on


Is there another one you recommend in the $6-$800 range?.. has to be

and yes, I could call or websearch the company, but I want some feedback
from users.....

Thanks for any ideas... and Happy 4th!

Peter Drescher
Technology Integration Specialist
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