Hello all.. (sorry for cross postings....)

Courses are filling... register online early to reserve a spot.

Some clarification is necessary surrounding our fee structure for the
course offerings coming out of the UVM-VI partnership grant.  The reduced
fee is applicable to all TitleIID competitive grantee Supervisory Unions.

Please also note amended contact information on page 2 of the attached
flyer.  Please direct inquiries about fees, and logistics to me, Peter
Drescher, and course questions to Joyce Morris, also listed on the flyer.

Please have potential participants apply online first, before making phone

Fee clarifications… (at least I hope its clear)
1.      Participant registration information will be gathered through the month
of July and into early August in list form.   On August 8th, we will
review the list and determine how many participants have registered and
what SU’s they represent.  At that time, billing will take place in the
following manner:

a.      The course fee that has been waived for your “first” teacher is
applicable to the SU and not to individuals. In other words, when we go
down the list and see how many participants are from each TitleIID
competitive SU, we will charge the SU accordingly, and reflect the reduced
rate for one participant from that SU.

2.      We are making the assumption that SU’s will pay for the courses with
their TitleIID funds in one lump sum. Course credit can be paid from
TitleIID funds.
3.      Participants should expect a confirmation of online registration from
Vermont Institutes soon after their online registration has been received,
then will be contacted directly at a later time by the course instructor.
4.      Billing will take place in mid to late August.
5.      FURTHER QUESTIONS?   Please give me, Peter Drescher,  a call at 828-1381

Peter Drescher
Technology Integration Specialist
Vermont Institutes
45 College St.
Montpelier, VT  05602
802-828-1381 (voice)
802-828-1327 (fax)
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