My old pal Annie Sauter, long ago in the dynamite activist group "Up
Against the Wall Motherfuckers" and anti-war / anti-pesticide activist,
wrote me this heart-rending letter, and I'm sending it out to others. She
lives near Oneonta NY, and needs, at the very least, words of support!
Please write to her!!



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hi mitchell
Virginia was brutally raped by members of G-Unit (50 cent rap group) at a
college (Hartwick) two blocks from our house.  Every instituiton from the
hospital , to the college to the state cops(duh) and the DA have now raped
her and us again.  We won't know if she has HIV for a year.  Our lives are
in shambles and we have been deserted by everyone, even the feminists
because most of them either work for the city, the college or the
hospital.  We are selling everything we have to raise money.  We hired a
lawyer (the district attorney is a yuppie prick who told the lawyer that
he"hates" me.  The perps have a million dollar lawyer, but one of them is
also now(since the rape) wanted for murder and has been the target of three
murder attemps and has supposedly fled to the south somewhere. I am trying
to get back intouch with Errol Louis from the daily news--he called me when
it happened because he does alot of anti rap stuff--the only people who
will help me are black people who are sick of the rap shit and all it
brings to their community-all the whities are afraid of being called racist
or of being killed.  We hired a private dectective(two actually) and then
one of them told us that a few days later the perps called and tried to
hire them to find us-maybe they will kill us--couldn't be much worse than
having your handicapped kid raped, sodomized be given the wrong HIV
experimental drug prevention dose, being lied to and abandoned while you
get tested for AIDs every three months.  So I amtrying to get the word
out.  I am ordering 10,000 bumper stickers that say "Rapewick College,
Oneonta NY , memories that last a lifetime" I got bea tup and had a
migraine that cause strokelike damage to my brain and to my right side for
protesting Hartwick's nonresponse-coverup on publik property during their
graduation.  Could you help get the word out, or bumperstickers and
pamphlets out if I send you some?  I have never asked anybody for help and
I would help you if I could--please let me know--ps I worked on pseticides
for years and years(thats why we left long Island--after I sat in at the
DEC for three days by mself when Kathleen was a baby) anyway Please please
help us--everyone else is chicken shit--
love Annie,Paul, Virginia and Kat