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Do you believe the Warren Commission report  that JFKennedy was shot by a
single assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, i.e.  that all the "conspiracy theorists"

are full of shit?

Like Chomsky, I think it's a political waste of time to be obsessed about
the Kennedy assassination.

Why Chomsky's views on that? I respect Chomsky on many issues, but  his fiat
is well known here and has been commented on critically (along with I.  F.
Stone). The literature here is pretty extensive, not all of it off the mark.  We
should suspect we have been successfully fooled, and made to waste time on
bum steers and disinformation. We may never know, but the whole thing was always
 fishy indeed.

Conspiracy theorists on 9/11 take their points in the wrong direction (as  so
often happened with the Kennedy case) or go too far. The brief moment of
calculation prior to a probable future event discovered by intelligence is  quite
likely with FDR, and more than possible with 9/11. Again we may never  know.
The real issue might be simply the decision to do nothing notwithstanding
partial foreknowledge, seeing the strategic opportunities. In this case it is
not fully convincing, and too often a generation later the truth comes out, as
with the Spanish American War.

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