I came across this interesting interview by our own Phil Gasper.

Good onyer, Phil.




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Philip Kitcher is Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University and one of the most influential philosophers of science of the past two decades. His writings have been distinguished by the depth and clarity of analysis and the broad range of the questions on which he has written. Kitcher has published numerous papers on the philosophy of biology, works on foundational epistemological and metaphysical issues related to science (The Nature of Mathematical Knowledge [1983], The Advancement of Science [1993]), and several books dealing with hot-button issues such as creationism (Abusing Science [1982]), sociobiology (Vaulting Ambition [1985]), and genetic engineering (The Lives to Come [1996]). His most recent books are Science, Truth and Democracy (2001) and In Mendel's Mirror (2003), a collection of his most important papers recently reviewed by Human Nature Review.

Human Nature Review associate editor Phil Gasper interviewed Kitcher by email recently.