Many of the nuisance or damaging kompughter pathogens in the past
half-decade have been written for Gates' program M$W, to be conveyed in the
.doc files it generates.  Altho' it's a pile of crap compared with e.g
WriteNow, M$W has unjustly achieved _de facto_ quasi-standard status so
most people use it, if with an ill grace.  This cyberbull® is intended to
decrease spread of pathogens thru M$W files attached to email.

        I am keen to promote use of a little-known but  -  so far  -
effective filter for viri, worms etc in M$W .doc files:

Before attaching, first  Save As ...  .RTF ( Rich Text Format  -  also
known as Interchange Format).  This operation purges all known viri, worms
etc.  (It is possible in principle for files of that type to contain such
pathogens, but has not yet occurred.)  The recipient will be more likely to
open it if s/he knows this.
        Colour, fonts, sizes etc are all preserved.  Superscripts may not
be.  Graphics will have to be sent separately.

 Opening this  .RTF attachment then entails:-
                1  drag attachment icon onto desktop
                2  Start M$W (if not already done)
                3  File/Open  . . .  and then specify  ALL  FILES
                4   open the attachment file from the desktop.

        A minor benefit is that the .rtf  files are smaller than the V8 models.

        So this method achieves readability for the maximum of recipients.

        I make this suggestion for my own good  -  hoping to receive for
myself reliably readable files free of pathogens -  but also to help others
to curb spread of pathogens around the internet.