The NoSpray Coalition will meet on
Tuesday, July 5, at 7 pm
at our office in Brooklyn NY:
388 Atlantic Ave. (between Hoyt and Bond St.)
3rd floor walkup

A, C or G train to Hoyt-Schermerhorn St.;
2,4 or 5 train to Nevins St.;
or (long walk) N,Q,B,D,R train to Atlantic Ave./Pacific Street.
Also, the #63 bus stops right near the office.

Please try to attend.

Either Tuesday or Wednesday, the NY Daily News will run an article
questioning the NYC Parks Department's spraying of Monsanto's "Roundup"
around every playground and park in the City. I had called the Daily News
reporter about this, and he interviewed me, Carl Lawrence and Connie Lesold
last week. The News also sent a photographer to our forum last week. So
keep yer fingers crossed, a new pathway is opening up for our work.

The forum itself went quite well. I gave a summary of the history of
pesticide spraying in NYC mosquitoes said to be carrying West Nile Virus
since 1999, tying it in to the fight against genetic engineering and the
expropriation (and murder) of indigenous farmers in South America from
their lands. Argentine biologist Javiera Rulli began where I'd left off,
and gave a thorough presentation about the plunder of land in South America
for the pharming of genetically engineered soy -- AND the sad role of such
enviro groups as the World Wildlife Fund in selling out the local
resistance movements. Joanne Steele from Ulster County (upstate) videotaped
the event for her T.V. show. We can ask for a copy so that those who were
not able to attend could see the video.

Last week, after receiving a generally favorable memorandum of law from the
judge that upheld most of our contentions about environmental law, we were
in Court setting up the schedule for Trial. The Judge urged the City to
meet with us and try to settle the matter before trial. One of the key
topics at this Tuesday night's NoSpray meeting will be discussion of what
points we want to raise in the negotiations. In addition, one of the PACE
law students working on our case will give an overview of the new
regulations regarding pesticide spraying, and things we can and must do NOW.

We will also discuss how best to target key communities, so roll up yer
sleeves and prepare to do some work on these issues!

In addition, we will hold elections for the No Spray Board, which we are
required to do under NY State non-profit law.

I hope you will be able to attend and participate .....

We also mourn the loss of another stalwart activist involved with fighting
against pesticides, as well as many other issues -- Frieda Zames, founder
of Disabled in Action.

Frieda had recently been having breathing problems, and reportedly passed
away in her sleep.

Frieda and her sister Doris Fleischer, co-wrote the only book available,
surveying the whole history of the disabled civil rights movement. "FROM
Temple University Press.

Frieda had to sue the New Jersey Institute of Technology, NJIT in Newark,
for gender discrimination in the 60's, to win her full professorship and
tenure in mathematics. A polio survivor, she had been President and Vice
Presdent of Disabled in Action of Metropolitan New York, many times over
the past three decades.

Frieda (and Bryna Eil) also brought Disabled in Action as a co-plaintiff
with the No Spray Coalition into the lawsuit against NYC to stop pesticide
spraying, which she argued was especially detrimental to immune compromised
people and those in wheelchairs. She told me (Mitchel) how the wheels of
the chairs kick up the pesticides into the faces and lungs.

I saw Frieda at every protest and political activity I attended. She was a
valiant beacon here in NYC ... To say that "she will be missed" is an
understatement without parallel.

Mitchel Cohen, for the
No Spray Coalition

*** We're now going to have to go into major fundraising mode to pay for
the actual court case on the Facts, organizing and office expenses,
literature, and so forth. *** We desperately need your help. *** Please
contribute whatever funds you can spare to enable us to pursue the lawsuit
and continue this very important work.

You can either make out a check to “No Spray Coalition” and mail it to 388
Atlantic Avenue, 3rd floor, Brooklyn, NY 11217, or you can pay by credit
card via the website:

We need to raise tens of thousands of dollars ­ literally! ­ in the next
few weeks. Contributions are NOT tax deductible, but greatly appreciated.

No Spray Coalition
388 Atlantic Avenue, 3rd floor
(between Bond St. & Hoyt St.)
Brooklyn, NY 11217

hotline: (718) 670-7110
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