Hello all

I just finished reading a great book (no, I'm not paid to say this) and
thought I would pass on the info incase you haven't already read it.  The
book will help you understand the landscape and, therefore, what species
can and should be out there.  Also, it's fairly concise, so won't take you
forever to read and is written for the casual observer.

Reading the Forested Landscape, Tom Wessels

BTW, I'd love to hear of any other books you all think are 'must reads' for
the New England naturalist (as we all are, even if only on the weekends).

Also, are you feeling overly aggravated by deer flies on your birding
expeditions?  Try  .  I
observed another birder with a big piece of tape on the back of his cap...
a trap for deer flies!!!  If you've had bad luck with birds that day you
can still console yourself by taking a body count of the deer flies that
would have bitten you.  Muwahahahah!!!

Sylvia Harris