Mike Peterson would have given a VERY different take on cormorants.  He
will talk at length about his reasons for non-intervention.  A couple
of his points:  the bellies of DCCOs are filled with  trash fish, when
they are "harassed" by egg-oilers they only move to another spot.

Date:    Fri, 1 Jul 2005 10:29:12 -0700
From:    Matthew Medler <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: Cormorant Article on

There is currently an article on the New York Times web site about
Double-crested Cormornants on Lake Champlain:
01cormorant.html?pagewanted=1&8hpib (a free subscription is required).

I was rather disappointed by this article, which I found to be
unbalanced.  Although the focus of the article is on the colony on the
Four Brothers, there is no mention of the fact that colonial waterbird
species diversity has *increased* on these islands since cormorants
started nesting there.  Instead, we are told that the species can ruin
habitat for other species, and that species diversity on Vermont's
Young Island has decreased to "only gulls and cormorants."

And, while there is the requisite quote from a charter boat captain
about the cormorants, I find it odd that the reporter apparently did
not make the effort to interview the man who served as the manager of
the islands for many years--Mike Peterson.  I would think that he would
be able to provide more meaningful insight about cormorants and the
entire bird community on the Four Brothers.

Matt Medler
Charlotte, VT