Hi Everyone,
This is a follow up to Michel's message.  I just got the following message
about a new website to order the book.  It directs you to order by phone
(800-840-3029). The person who took my order said he was mailing many copies
to VT this week.
Pat Folsom

To oder the book you must go on
It's the new link to order the book.

If you have any problem to access this web site you can contact me at the
phone number mentionne below.

I hope that this information will help you

Nathalie Lapierre for
José Banos
Conseiller en communication / Communication Advisor
Informathèque d'Environnement Canada, région du Québec /
Inquiry Centre, Environment Canada, Quebec region
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Sainte-Foy (Québec)  G1V 4H5
Tél. 1 : 800-463-4311
Tél. 2 : 418-648-3492
Télec. / Fax : 418-648-3859
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Sent: Saturday, July 09, 2005 4:09 PM
Subject: [VTBIRD] The most comprehensive atlas at a discount price

> Hi,
> The "Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Southern Québec" is a monumental book
> which has been published in French in 1995 and in English in 1996. That's
> an essential source of information about the Québec avifauna and related
> subjects. One of the most comprehensive bird atlases in the World, the
> 1302
> pages book includes, aside the species by species very complete treatment,
> other detailed chapters about the ornithological history, the concerned
> area (physiography, hydrography, climate, glaciations, subregions, soils,
> vegetation, wet habitats), the effects of Man presence on the environment,
> its natural modifications, the preservation of the environment, the
> methodology, the bird taxonomy, the bird diversity according to habitats
> and some other subjects. And the atlas includes maps for each species,
> graphs, tables plus more than 1400 photos and some 5000 references. The
> book has been edited by Jean Gauthier & Yves Aubry, but is in fact the
> collective work of the Québec ornithological community (including
> ornithologists and birders) which has provided the contents. The datas are
> coming from near to 1000 contributors and have been taken to the published
> form by almost 130 writers. The French edition is now out of print. Copies
> of the English edition are remaining and must be sold quickly because it
> is
> expensive for the AQGO (the Association québécoise des groupes
> d'ornithologues), a non-profit organization, to keep them in a warehouse.
> That's why, we are offering them at the third of the original price what
> means 50$can (60,99$can with GST and shipping) instead of 150$ (167,94$
> all
> included).
> If you are interested, go to and click on the link
> in English (the second one on the page) to obtain all the details about
> how
> to order the atlas.
> There will not be a updated edition before many years. The essential work
> which would lead to it is still not planned.
> I think I can post that message here because it is more an information
> which can be of interest for birders than a business message and because
> all the profits, going in a special funds managed by AQGO, will be used to
> sustain projects relevant to bird protection.
> Good birding...
>     MICHEL BERTRAND, président
>     Association québécoise des groupes d'ornithologues
>     4545, Pierre-de-Coubertin [c.p. 1000, succ. M]
>     Montréal, Qc - H1V 3R2
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