About a week ago and again this morning while out running in the Old North End
of Burlington, I also heard the distinctive call of a fish crow.  There had
been a fish crow that had been sighted in Red Rocks Park in South Burlington
earlier this spring, so it could be that same bird.  Has anyone else heard this
crow calling around the North End of Burlington?

Rebecca Pfeiffer

Quoting Taj <[log in to unmask]>:

> This morning around 6:00am on Sandhill Rd in Putney, i heard what i believe
> was a fish crow. As i stepped out of my car to do some birding along that
> road, a crow flew out from a tree nearby. After hearing it call for about ten
> seconds as it flew away i realized it wasn't giving the normal call of the
> American Crow. By the time i realized it sounded like a fish crow it was
> quite far away. Though i only briefly heard it, i am fairly sure it was a
> Fish Crow. it flew off toward Basketville but i could not relocate it in half
> and hour of trying. Hopefully somebody else will hear it in order to confirm
> it!!! Taj Schottland Putney
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